A buying guide to buy Under-wired Bra Online


It has been found that around of the woman in the world don’t know how to find a perfect bra and wear the incorrect size of the bra. A woman can choose a bra according to her bust size as there are several types of bras available nowadays such as underwire bra, strapless bra, wire-free bra, push up bra, padded bra, t-shirt bra, etc.

One of the most supportive bras among all these bras is Underwire bra that offers perfect shape and fit to your breasts. An Underwired bra consists of a wire made up of metal, resin, or plastic on the bottom side of the bra to offer extra support to breasts. This wire in bra is used for separating, supporting, lifting, and shaping the breasts of women.

Benefits of wearing underwired bra:

  • This type of bra is so rigid that it can offer support to the larger breast size. Wearing an underwired bra helps you to stay active whole day.
  • This type of bra is also used for providing the breasts a round appearance for for women with larger breast size

How to measure breast size for underwired bra?

How to measure breast size for Underwired Bra

It is important for every woman to first measure the bra size before they buy underwired bra online. It is really important for women who usually do online bra shopping.

  • Band size measurement
  • Cup size measurement



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