Buying Guide for Online Fancy Panties


Lingerie is a must required item in a women’s wardrobe. It’s not just for show off or anything but for mere practical reasons as it is an essential. Undies, underwear, underpants, panties, these are some of the names. Women should ask themselves which is their favourite pair of underwear and what type of what they like. One should always be careful while buying lingerie as it’s the closest cloth to the skin.

While buying online fancy panties, some women get distracted by the different trends and styles of underwear. One should keep in mind the design and style and also the proper fit and if they are comfortable in wearing. To ensure that the panties fit are proper women should also pick the right size of the underwear and check the size chart properly. Whether the preference is to buy hipsters panty online or thongs or bikinis considering size chart is essential.

How to measure to find the right size

The main size measurements that are considered for buying panties online are the waist and hip measurements.

  • Hip Measurement
  • Waist Measurement

Different Styles of Underwear for Women

  • Briefs
  • French Cut
  • Hipsters
  • Bikini
  • Thong

Shopping for fancy panties online can be fun and at the same time can be tough if not done properly.

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