7 Types of Undies that Every Woman Must Have

The first thing we do after coming from a bath is put on a new pair of underwear for the new day to begin. Bra as well as undies, both are important. But mostly all women focus more on buying different colors, designs and patterns when it comes to buy a bra set online and forget about the various varieties available for undies. Choosing what to wear on the bottom is equally important as is choosing the upper wear!

Here is a list of the must-have panty types for your underwear wardrobe!


G-strings: Don’t confuse G-strings with thongs. They both are completely different. A small fabric in the front in a triangular form and with elastic fabrics elsewhere. They are also called V-strings. These are close-to-skin type of underwear. It is best if you are wearing it under skirts and body con dresses.


Boy Shorts: They are just designed like men’s brief, but as opposed to what the name suggests these are not for the boys. These are for girls. In fact, they take a better rectangular shape than most of the other undies designed for women. If these are of good fitting, they can actually work like thongs for women.


Briefs: The most common type of undies that every woman must have. They are also referred to as granny panties. They are very comfortable, but aren’t that fancy or attractive.french

French- Cut Undies: These are high-waist briefs more like the classic briefs with high cut holes for legs. These holes are very beneficial for circulation.


Hipsters: These are not only for the hipsters, but also for women who love to have their hips hugged with comfort. This name was given to these types of undies because of the waistband that is present for the hips. They are also available in low- cute leg holes.


Bikinis: The sexiest of the lot, the bikini panty is designed to cover your bikini line and has high-cut leg holes. These are available in various designs and patterns. You can choose and Buy bikini style panty online if you’re shy in going out and buying. Also, there are bikinis available in string forms which are very unique. You can wear these beneath the clothes you wear, and on beaches you can just simply wear the bikinis. These are very skin- hugging.


Thongs: If you need an undergarment that is body fitting and can be worn under skirts, dresses and tight pants, then thongs are the best option for you. Thong does not cover your butt, and its sides rest above the hip bone.

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Resource:- ureadthis.com

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