Is an ill-fitting bra bad for your health?

Studies have suggested that ill-fitting bras can be a cause of variety of medical issues ranging from IBS, back pain, strain in the muscles, constricted breathing, etc. Let’s investigate how a bra that doesn’t fit you well can be perilous to your health as well as well being.


A study conducted by the British School of Osteopathy suggested that the wearing bras that don’t fit can put excessive pressure on muscles and bones. As a consequence you may suffer from breathing problems.

Thus, if you are planning to buy online bra set, make sure that it fits you flawlessly. Wearing too tight a fashion bra will definitely lead to problems.


Another negative consequence of too tight a bra is the chance of developing IBS or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Tight bras can cause the constriction of the rib cage and, as a consequence, the digestive system of the body may suffer.


Lesions and lymphomas are a common affliction caused by the hooks of the straps that dig into the skin of the wearer. To avoid this whenever you buy online bras ensure that you opt for the ones with thick back straps that come with set of padded hooks.


Wearing sports bras and tight fitting brassieres can often lead to circulatory issues. This is more common among woman with large breasts as the pectoral muscles when compressed can cause pins and needle feelings in the arms.

As some bras constrict the body to provide support to the bust, this may lead to the compression around the rib cage area, which in turn would lead to blood circulation restriction and hence damaged tissues of the breasts. Take this as a cue to be careful the next time you buy sports bra online!


A badly fitting bra that doesn’t hold up the bust effectively can be equally detrimental to the wearer’s health. Such a bra can lead to the tightening of the trapezius muscle as a result of which the wearer may feel back and neck pain due to the constant strain on the muscle.

Hence, we reach to the conclusion that the right fitting bra is absolutely essential for your well-being. The next time you buy online bras ensure that you opt for wide, cushioned and comfortable straps. Go for cups that are moulded and non-stretchable to give your breasts the maximum support. Bras that come with adjustable shoulder straps and extra hooks are preferable. Buy your favourite bras on Intimodo at great discounts now!



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