7 Signs Your Sports Bra Is Not Right For You

No matter what size you have, an ill-fitting sports bra will definitely ruin your workout, making it highly uncomfortable. Without a bra that fits right and gives ultimate support to your curves, you either won’t feel like working out or will not definitely enjoy it. Irrespective of your cup size, the trick is finding out the correct sports bra which fits perfectly before you go on bouncing over during your workout. If you are a little dubious about whether your sports bra is perfect for you or not, then look out for the below-mentioned signs and if you find something common, then without wasting any moment head out to buy sports bra online.

Signs to look out for

1.It’s the same which you wear to office

Whilst the underwire bras which you wear everyday to work might provide great support and lift throughout the day, they will serve no purpose in giving you the support which you require in gym. Since during exercising, the breasts tend to move in a slapdash manner it gets necessary to give them ultimate support to prevent sagging.

2.Not As Comfy As Your Daily Bra

If your sports bra is not as comfortable as the bra your wear every day, then it’s definitely a red flag. Since physical activity tends to stress the breast, a perfect-fit sports bra is necessary for avoiding the over-stretching of the breast tissues. Therefore, it should be more comfortable than your daily-wear bra.


3. It’s Very Old

Just like your everyday bra, sports bras also stretch out over the time. Therefore, replace them every 4 to 6 months, depending upon their usage and the way you handle them. Throw your old sports bra away and buy online bras which are more comfortable. To increase their lifespan, treat them similar to your fancy lingerie; washing them with hands and in mild detergent.

4. Its Straps Dig Into Your Skin

Whilst you can opt for different strap styles like wide-set straps or racerback, one thing that should never happen is the discomfort. The straps should never dig into your skin and if it is happening, then the reason is the band is not offering the required support.


5. Nips Are Visible Underneath Your Bra

Well, this can be quite embarrassing. Therefore, experts recommend wearing sports bra that have a light padding. Whilst this does not have any connection with support or perfect size, it just helps to maintain a smoother and more flattering shape of the bust.


6. Does Not Have Ruching

Ruching is a material that is used to divide the sports bra in two parts. You might have noticed that sports bra have separate cups or ruching. This is because it gives a breathing space to the breasts, allowing the air to circulate between them, and offer great support as well. If your sports bra does not have this, then it’s time to do some online padded bra shopping.

7. It’s Too Tight

A sports bra should easily come off, similar to the way you wear it. In case you are struggling to wear it before your workout session, just imagine what it will be like when you are sweaty and wet. This is completely unacceptable. Change this bra as soon as possible and buy online bra set for your workout sessions.


So girls, don’t let an ill-fitted bra affect your exercise regime. Keep on exercising whilst wearing the right pair of sports bra.


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