Popular Bra Myths That Women Should Not Believe

Whilst every one of us is comfortable in discussing about our waists, thighs, hips and what not, when it comes to talk about breasts it’s like some of us go hiding behind the bushes. They are no less than a taboo, which should not be discussed openly.

And this entire taboo thing leads to the creation of various myths and misconceptions, which creates a lot of confusion for women and girls of all ages. So before you get ready to spread one of these silly ideas after hearing or reading it from somewhere, just go through our list of some myths which have been doing the rounds since ages. Just shed all your doubts, buy online bras without any fear.


Myths That Have Been Doing The Rounds

  • Underwire bras increase the risk breast cancer
  • Putting on a bra while sleeping make them perky
  • Wearing no bra equals to saggy breasts
  • Light color bra means less visibility
  • Sports bras for bigger bust
  • Sleeping on sides means uneven breasts

So ladies, here were some myths which women usually believe in at some point of time or the other. Do not believe in such myths and live your life freely.Women Bra


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