5 Bra Rules You Should Know

You have been wearing this piece of clothing almost all your life! It is supportive and at times stifling, yet you cannot live without it. Yes we are talking about the bra! What if someone told you that you have been wearing the wrong size all this while? It may be a shocking fact but if you have never had a bra fitting session done by a specialist, chances are that it holds true.

bra fitting

Whether you buy online bras or prefer to shop at your nearby store, finding the bra that fits you flawlessly can be one of the most liberating experiences in life. The perfectly fitted bra will not only make you feel good, it will also assist you in looking amazing. Taking out the time to buy a good quality bra set is definitely worth it.

Before you go on your next online padded bra shopping or choose to venture out on a day of bra fitting, let’s take you through some basic bra rules that every woman ought to know!

1. A bra will always be a bra

A bra will always be a bra

If you are on the search for a bra that gives you the ultimate comfort then you need to bring your expectations down a little. Being a piece of clothing that was designed to be form-fitting, body-hugging and meant to give your bust ample support- a bra will never be comfortable.

When you buy lace bra online or offline, ensure that it isn’t too tight by following this simple test- stick your two fingers between the strap and your back. If there is space for more fingers to go in, then you need to look for another size. As a general thumb rule- you shouldn’t be able to stick more than 2 fingers.

2. Store them clasped

Store them clasped

To avoid having other under garments from getting tangled with the bras, ensure that you always store your bras clasped. Any entanglement can lead to potential damage and even ripping of your bra and other under garments.

3. Change your bras like underwear

Change your bras like underwear

How does the idea of wearing the same underwear pair several times a week sound? Not good, right? Bras should be worn in the same manner. Have more than a pair!

4. Take note of the gore’s alignment

Take note of the gore’s alignment

Wondering what a gore is? It is the bra’s centre that connects the two cups together. While trying the bra, check if the gore is lying flat against your body and there are no gaps visible.

5. Bra sizes can change

Bra sizes can change

The size that you wear for bra from one brand may not be the one that will fit you in another brand’s range. Just like clothing, the sizing of bra can be a tricky affair; therefore it is always recommend that you try before you buy bra from a new brand.

We’re certain that you will be able to find your perfect fit by following the above rules. Intimodo sells the best range of undergarments and dresses in India. If you want to buy online lingerie in India, then you have arrived at just the right place. Shop now!

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