Buy Online Padded Push Up Bra for Extreme Comfort

When you want comfort along with style, then padded push up bra is the best choice of a woman. Padded push up bra gives you better comfort and best stylish look. Intimodo offers a wide range of soft & comfortable padded bra for small breasts. Intimodo is premium online multibrand lingerie store in India.

Intimodo offer a wide range of padded push up bra online for your stylish look. Intimodo gives you greater range of colors, designs, patterns and sizes in a padded push up bra. Buy online padded push up bra at a flat 50 % off from Intimodo and get some amazing offers on each purchase.


Best Features of Padded Push Up Bra

Best Fabric Quality

A good quality material is the best need of a excellent bra. Some deluxe choices include silk, velvet, cotton lace, Egyptian cotton, and high grade satin. Poor fabrics can disintegrate in the wash, rip, or wear out much more quickly than finer materials.

Lineament Cups

While many bras are made from flat fabric, there are also varieties with contoured cups. The advantage of a contoured cup is its seamlessness and consequent ability to blend into an outfit without creating an obvious bra line.

14291909_641762819318630_1378944686306737081_nVariable Sizes of Strap

While smaller-breasted women can get away with thin bra straps, the weight of a larger bust can place considerable strain on the back. To avoid fabric painfully cutting into the shoulders, women with a more substantial chest are better off buying a pushup bra with wider straps.

Figure-Friendly Styling

Different levels of coverage can be found in a pushup bra, depending on the figure of the wearer. High quality bra manufacturers take the weight of the breasts into account, creating variable designs to avoid putting pressure on the back or shoulders.

Created for Comfort

Comfortable bras fit well, and are designed to lift and hold the breasts in a pleasing way without causing pain. Some manufacturers have made hidden seams a part of their bras to avoid the risk of discomfort.


Before buying a bra, it is important to measure the chest to get the best fit possible. Wearing the wrong sized bra can cause a variety of problems, including back and shoulder pain, tightness, chafing, and over or under-full cups. You can choose to get professionally fitted, or use a tape measure and estimate your bra size at home.





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