5 Things to Remember While Buying that Perfect Bra

There can be nothing more discomforting than a pair of ill-fitted lingerie. There are numerous women who often complain of buying a wrong fit of their undergarments. What follows is the act of fidgeting with the clothes the entire day. Whilst this is really embarrassing, it’s not at all good for the body as well. If you want to avoid ending up in this situation, then avoid the below-mentioned mistakes when you buy lingerie for yourself. These tips will guide you through the entire process of buying that perfect lingerie that you will love to wear. Follow these tips to buy undergarments online without doing any mistakes.


Mistakes to Avoid While Buying A Bra

1. Incorrect Cup Size

This is the mistake which majority of women do while buying a bra. Most of them are not aware of the correct cup size and in order to avoid embarrassment

Fix: If the sides of your breasts are bulging out from your bra, it means that the cup size is small. In case of buying an underwired bra online, make sure that the underwire ends where your breasts end.

2. Trying With Outermost Hooks

Well, we all might have done this mistake one or the other time. Whilst selecting a bra, never test its fitting by hooking in the innermost hooks.

Fix: When you buy online bras, always check the fitting with the help of outermost hooks. If the bra fits well, then select it as you will be able to use the middle and the outermost hooks when it loosens up a little bit.

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3. Wrong Band Size

If you have been doing the mistake of selecting large band size and smaller cup size, then you need to stop right away. If the bra band is loose, then the bra will definitely fail in providing the support that your bust needs.

Fix: While trying a bra, put 1 or 2 fingers under its bad and if there is space to fit more than 2 fingers, then the band size is definitely large for you.

So ladies, do not repeat any of this mistakes and look for the fixes to avoid making them in the future while doing online padded bra shopping.

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